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TechLink Pro v1.1 official release date. More…

License Management feature added. TechLink now tracks software licensing and expiration dates. More…

TechLink beta testing is nearing completion.  Official release scheduled for February 2009.More…

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Password Tracking Software


TechLink Pro™ provides instant access to all of your IT specific site information. Whether you are responsible for only one site, or thousands TechLink Pro will enable you to track passwords and password changes, IP addresses, Licensing information, router configurations, wireless access codes and much more.
Are you responsible for Systems Administration at one or more sites that each need to have unique passwords?

Would you like to change system passwords more often than you do, but the problem of remembering the new passwords and communicating the changes to key members of your team discourages you from doing so?

Would you like to start keeping better track of IP addressing information, configuration files, and software licensing?

TechLink Pro is the answer. With TechLink Pro you will keep all of your critical information secure and ensure that you never lose track of important site information again. Plus it's fast, easy to use and lets you grant global or limited access to team members. Demo
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Key Features of the password tracker:

  • Designed and supported by Computer Troubleshooters of Waukesha. The Waukesha Computer Repair experts.
  • Get TechLink now and make keeping track of IT Systems passwords a breeze!

    TechLink Pro is an Online Password Tracking Software by OSM4 with features mentioned above that is hosted on any regular PHP/ MySQL enabled hosting and provides you ease of managing the IT information for your websites.