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TechLink Pro v1.1 official release date. More…

License Management feature added. TechLink now tracks software licensing and expiration dates. More…

TechLink beta testing is nearing completion.  Official release scheduled for February 2009.More…

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TechLink Pro by OSM4


TechLink Pro single server edition

TechLink Pro by OSM4

TechLink Pro is a business collaboration server for storing and retrieving site specific information. Put an end to carrying confidential site information and passwords around with you everywhere you go and eliminate the need to duplicate passwords across multiple locations. TechLink uses SSL and secure database level encryption to store all of your IT site information for both business and residential sites. With TechLink Pro, site information such as workstation and server usernames/passwords, IP addresses, network and router information, wireless access codes, licenses and installation keys, VPN/remote access credentials and much more is available to you wherever you are and whenever your need it.

TechLink also tracks AntiVirus/AntiSpyware and other license and support contract expiration dates and allows you to create multiple user accounts for technicians, customers and primary site contacts so that each has access to view and update only what they need. Get TechLink Pro and never lose track of critical site information again.

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